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3M 50383 - Perfect-it III Ultrafina SE

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Ultrafina SE (swirl eliminator) is a very fine automotive polish for removing swirl marks and holograms from refinished or original automotive paint.

- Swirl eliminator quickly and effectively REMOVES fine machine polish swirls (“holograms”) 
- Produces a swirl (“hologram”) free finish even on black vehicles 
- Good handling and excellent clean up 
- For use after machine polish step. 

Directions for Use 
Polish using an air or electric buffer polishing machine (1400-2000rpm) equipped with a 3M Ultrafina High Gloss Polishing Pad 50388 (150mm) or 50389 (200mm).
For best results wipe off with a 3M 50400 Ultrafina Polishing Cloth. 

Shake container well before using. 
1. Apply enough product to the paint surface to work an approximate 0.5 m2 area. For best results use enough polish to leave a thin film on the paint surface after three to four passes with the polisher 
2. Start the polishing procedure with medium pressure to remove machine polish swirls and then use lighter pressure to achieve best possible swirl free finish 
3. This product is designed to stay wet and will not pick up on the polishing pad. After three to four passes with the polisher, remove final residue with 3M Ultrafina Polishing Wipe. 
4. Keep the used polishing pad in a plastic bag to prevent contamination 

• Use after compounding and polishing stage. 
• Do not go directly from compound to Ultrafina SE as it is not aggressive enough for this. 
• If using on original paint e.g. for car wash scratches use 3M 09376 Perfect-it III Machine Polish first to cut out the scratches, then use Ultrafina SE to achieve a high gloss and swirl free finish 
• For clean-up use an absorbent cloth and not with a typical polypropylene disposable polishing wipe 
• If large areas are being polished, before removing the residue, use Perfect-it III Finishing Glaze or 3M Polish Rosa to aid in film residue removal and to give an extended final protection.