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3M 06039 - Marine Finesse-it Marine Paste Compound

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- Formulated for boat reconditioning of heavily oxidized surfaces and finishes 
- Removes sand scratches on production gelcoat 
- White color reduces the potential of staining light-colored boats
- Long working time requires less compound per application 

Recommended step prior to polishing and waxing, 3M Finesse-It Marine Paste Compound reconditions boats with heavily oxidized surfaces to restore the appearance of the gelcoat. It also removes P800 sand scratches on production gelcoats, and grade 1000 or 1200 sand scratches on tooling gelcoats. 

Brings the appearance of boats back to life by the use of aggressive abrasive mineral to cut through heavy oxidation and chalky film to renew faded gel coats. This compound turns back the clock on the effects of weathering to restore the original vibrancy of the color. The abrasive mineral in the compound also allows you to remove minor scratches, rust and exhaust stains from gel coat finishes. 

Compounding is a necessary first step prior to polishing or waxing to renew a glossy finish that glistens in the sunlight and water. Apply the compound and rub it in a circular motion to allow the abrasive mineral to cut through oxidation, grime and filmy residue. You'll know the compound is working when the surface turns from dull and lifeless to glossy and shiny. Once the surface has been compounded, it's time to preserve and enhance the shine by polishing and waxing the boat. 

The 3M Finesse-It Marine Paste Compound offers several competitive advantages:
- First, it comes in a white color that reduces the chance of staining light colored boats
- Second, our compound stays wet during compounding, reducing heat build-up, pitting, burning, and print through. Because our compound doesn't dry out too quickly, it allows a greater area to be compounded with less material. 
- This compound buffs to a high gloss, requiring less glazing for a final finish. 
- This compound contains no silicones or waxes.